This Fashion Influencer Is Battling Stage 4 Cancer But Her Attitude Toward It Is Mega-Inspiring


A before cancer and during cancer treatment photo of Kyrzayda

If the fashion community on Instagram falls into your scope of interests, then you know or may have come across the name, Kyrzayda Rodriguez.

Kyrzayda is a fashion blogger and influencer with a large following, made up of people who love and trust her fashion choices, and always look forward to fashion discoveries and styling ideas she offers them.

Look by look, Kyrzayda communicated her passion with clarity. And wove dreams of a future founded and built around fashion. Then life threw her a curveball; Cancer attacked her body!!!

Its been about a year since her fight with cancer began, but Kyrzayda’s attitude throughout the journey has stayed inspiring.

She has held on to her passion and wouldn’t let the disease rob her of her soul. Even on days when she is on her lowest low, she still communicates style inspiration or life principles.

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Cancer you have taken everything from me, my weight, my hair, my ability to function, it’s hard to walk, lately even talk. Cancer you manage to break my heart everyday. For 4 years I work so hard doing what I love, building my brand ..Doing what I love is no longer my option. I miss being the girl on “This photo” I miss the gym, running my own errands, I miss breathing. I miss my health and being able to laugh without having pain. Not to mention all the side effects from chemo and all the extra needles that go inside my stomach, and lungs every week in order for me to survive. Not to mention seeing my mom cry daily because of YOU .. Cancer! Cancer unfortunately you cannot touch my soul, and the love and support from the ones who love me. Unfortunately with my bold head I still inspire one or two people. Cancer you taught me a lesson in LIFE nothing is more than having Christ in your heart, and your health. As you guys can see even success or money can’t buy you peace & happiness.The perfect life everyone portraits on social media is just that “social media” Were people only post the good. I’m not going to lie I’m tired, so tired. My life is no longer the same but I’m going to hold on to God. Thank you all for the good vibes, prayers, messages and visits! To everyone fighting Cancer I understand your pain 😞 (P.S guys pls don’t feel sorry for me this is my fight, and I’m glad to share my journey with all of you each day)

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Check out how she continues to dish out style ideas, in spite of it all, with these before and during cancer treatment photos of her.


You are in our prayers, Mate.

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