Nancy Isime Has Done Away With Her Signature Blonde Crop. In Its Place? A Daring Clean Shave!

The girl with sparks and cutting-edge poise; Nancy isime, has taken her chop journey to a neat culmination.

She just made her new look; a freshly shaved glistening smooth head, insta-official amidst much eulogy from fans, friends and industry colleagues, who graciously allude to her ability and grace to spin any look in her favour.img_3723

Nancy’s new look is necessitated by her current project; a movie supposedly titled Omambala, in which she plays a palace maid who is armed with a secret that will either cost her her life or wipe out the entire village.

The movie is currently being shot at the famous Obudu Cattle Resort in Cross River State. And Nancy is having the time of her life.