Regina Askia Stepped Out Proving That With Legs, You Will Always Win.

This is not a simple type of win. Its a landslide one, as a few hours ago, fifty-one years old ex-actress; Regina Askia, stepped out for a fun day with the girls, sporting a white negligible two-piece with prominent creases and a clear-cut sign of imperfection.

From her hair to the hem of her short, is an image of a busy mom with a demanding job and a big garden, who understands that her value as a person cannot be diminished by an un-ironed shirt or a disorderly hair.

But then you scroll a little bit more and get awed by the magic of toned legs in statement heels.

Let it be known that yesterday, Regina stepped out in legs and heels, because she knows that with legs, you will always win.img_3771