DENIM FEVER!!! || Nadia Buari Pulled The Denim On Denim Look As A True Modern Style Star

In compliance to the spirit of social media and stardom, dominating beauty; Nadia Buari, came on Instagram to provide something magnetic.

She published an inspiring photo that preaches self-love as much as the value of fashion and beauty solutions to every human.

In the photo, Nadia is sporting a denim on denim look that is complemented by a sky-high rainbow platform heels. Her hair is as wavy as ever, and her lips maintain its usual pout.


Photo Credit: Instagram/iamnadiabuari

That is not where it ends. Her next photo is a vision of modern day rebellion. She stands upright to let you see her tied-up shirt, her impeccably flat tummy and how each unit of her ensemble (from hair to shoe) plays an important part to the resulting image.


Photo Credit: Instagram/iamnadiabuari