I Was At An Event And Almost Every Girl Had On A Pixie Cut



It 5pm and I’m about to grab my purse and dash out from the office, so I don’t miss my free ride home. A call gets through. It is my boss.

“I want you to represent us at the launch of *bleep*, happening at *bleep*. Some weights will be there. Pull them for us”

“Ok, Ma.” It is not convenient. I have to cancel on my friends, but its fine. I’ll go.

I leave. Cab pulls over. I’m in the room. Same crowd. Same mean bunch, masked with smiling faces.

A few acknowledgement here and there. We take a seat. First speaker comes up. I look her over. She’s still got it. Nice hair; a deep side-part short cut, flat on one side and ruffled for an edge, on the other. Nice dress; a white figure-hugging midi dress. Nice shoes; a black and white waves pumps.

My mind wanders off. I’m on a boat cruise with a man I love. Its day 57 and a supply boat is replenishing our basic supplies.

A rousing hand clap. I come to. Another speaker. Pitch black bowl cut. Pastel pink pant suit. Black shoes. She tells an interesting story. I pay attention. She keeps it short.

Another Speaker. A chic brown pixie. Wait a minute! What am I unaware of? I look over at the panel table. Its raining short hair. Side swept, wind swept, ruffled, buzz, bangs, brown, blond, black….

I look over here. A significant number have one variant of short hair or the other. Was there a hair-code for the event? All the women I asked said no, its a coincidence.

Nice. But what inspired the choice, on your part? And I got variants of answers like this, “I’ve always loved short hair. Its young, smart, chic and strong….Tiwa Savage (Empress Njamah/Peace Hyde) has been showing off her short hair and that made me think about the style a lot…When I went to my hairdresser we came up with this.”

Oh! There it is.

Instagram, Tiwa Savage, Empress Njamah and Peace Hyde were the inspiration behind a room full of women with short hair.

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Photo credits: Instagram/tiwasavage/empressnjamah/


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