For Those Who Thought Cardi B Was Having A Baby Out Of Wedlock; She And Offset Are Married Afterall


Barely twenty-four hours after rap-queen; Cardi B went on Twitter to wail about the known stress of wedding planning/activities, it wafted into ears earlier today, that she and Offset have been married all these time.

It turns out this tweet of hers:


was a deflected truth, assuming they had plans of having another more celebratory wedding event in the future, as the two are already officially married.

Cardi herself has come forward and cleared things up for everyone, bringing an end to the many debates that erupted after the news of her secret marriage to Offset broke. She has said that it is true. They got married in a private and no-fuss ceremony in September 2017; a month before Offset, publicly, went on one knee to give her “that special proposal moment every girl dreams of.”

Read her statement:img_4004


Credits: Instagram and Twitter