While Searching For The Perfect Shade Of Red Lip-Paint, Here Is What I Found.


There’s a level of closeness between a girl and her red lip-paint, that no other colour can ever quite attain. Red is the must-have colour in every makeup purse. It is the coming-of-age gift to a debutante.

Red is the I-Know-It-Will-Fit colour, for when you either do not have the time or just couldn’t be bothered to experiment for the perfect pout that best flatter your chosen outfit.

So in the midst of so many shades and tones, against resources that has to be carefully distributed, I recently got lost in a makeup store, searching for the perfect red lip-paint.

These photos (below), courtesy of high-ranked make-up artiste, Bibyonce, was me trying for the perfect red. And it is needless to say, there was no imperfect one.