Anonymous Central || Does Kunle Remi Know How Hot He Is?


I bet he does. His mirror, family and good friends have let him know. And ladies like me, who put no effort into hiding what effect he has on us, have also let him know.

Even more than those, if rumours are true, and he and Adesua Etomi were once a couple, then there is no way he isn’t aware of his hotness, because come on! Adesua Etomi? A hot girl, who knows she’s hot and trust in her hotness, will never wonder too low down the thermometer. And even if she does, her action comes off as an emblazoned stamp of high worth on the specimen.

So, Kunle Remi knows how hot he is. He watched himself in Closer Pictures’ “Falling“, saw himself in Biodun Stephen’ “Tiwa’s Baggage“, and probably has a hot girlfriend (baby-mama? wifey?) somewhere making sure he looks and feels that way.

Ouch! That was some painful thought, but it will be odd to hear him say there is no one in his heart.

It will be something though, wouldn’t it? To have him want me enough to lie for it? Its a twisted logic, I know. But look at that!


His family, which I know nothing about, must be full of tall glasses of chocolate. I see a model and a NBA star in our future. Let me dream.