Linda Osifo’ Spin On Leggings Show The Versatility Of The High Street Fashion Item


Linda Osifo
Actress, Linda Osifo

Not every item in any given girl’ closet is high-fashion. In fact, every functional wardrobe require a safe level of high street items for a sane balance, and actress Linda Osifo, just like most others, has elevated her gym wear into a main basic armor.

Consider this (below) pitch dark combo with pops of gold and copper she posted a couple of days ago on Instagram.

Linda paired a basic leggings, which is differentiated by a column of decorative buttons, with another basic fashion item; a noodle strap top, for a day in town as a TV Star.

And though the base of the look was basic, the outcome was a class act after a jumbo ponytail braid, easy make-up and accessories combined with it delightfully.


Alternatively, there is an easier version of the actress’ leggings days. Case in point; a day in recent times she was out and about in another dark tights (below). This time, one with a wide waistband, paired with a seemly top, flurry slides and her afro knotted into a top bun as an added props.


In this last spin (below), Linda took the item from an unexpected angle, which feature an abrupt jacket and what looks like a beaded pointed toe flat, showing altogether, the adaptability of the high-street fashion item for casual and semi-formal settings.


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