Angela Bassett And Gabrielle Union Took Turns Setting Instagram Ablaze, Yesterday



Let’s try to calm ourselves down, right? Our bodies are not the real us, right? And that should make me feel better, right? Well, it doesn’t! And right this moment I’m throwing away all the snacks in my handbag and picking up a gym membership.

Angela Bassett turned sixty yesterday and, as part of the celebration, posted this photo on Instagram:


See? That’s the body of a sixty year old! I’m trying to not focus on it, and focus on other important things like, talent, money, attitude, inequality and other societal problems, but our body is our primary residence, right? We’re staying in it till the end, right? And no one is allergic to a beautiful house, right?

All of that is going on in my head.

At this point, thousands of comments like my sentiment have already been dropped below her post and because walking away from things that make you uncomfortable is a sensible line of action, I scroll pass and boom! Gabrielle Union. What?


She posted it just because. And she’s forty-five.

Comments below hers ranged from “you’re beautiful” to “I hate you because you’re so beautiful”.

Someone suggested there’s an evidence of Photoshop. And just like before, I slip away from all of that to a place devoid of pressure.

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