Russel Crowe Can’t Wait To See Idris Elba Play James Bond



Going as far back as 2014, there have been speculations (wishes?) about who is to be the next actor to play the widely admired British Spy; James Bond.

A lot of fingers have chosen to point toward Idris Elba, especially after Director Antoine Fuqua, reportedly, said the producer of the blockbuster franchise; Barbara Broccoli, is considering a non-white person as a replacement for Daniel Craig, who is to bow out this December after shooting the next chapter of the movie.

So this morning, joining other Idris Elba supporters, Actor Russell Crowe tweeted:

“Idris Elba as James Bond? Absolutely. What a great idea. Are tickets on sale yet?”


And as expected, his tweet garnered different responses; some in support and some citing Elba’ age as one reason he shouldn’t be the next James Bond. But Russell Crowe would know who should play a hero, at a particular time, from a set of options, right?

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