Because Blonde Hair Is Trending Upwards, Here Are 9 Screenshot-Worthy Looks To Take With You.


Its totally amazing how much happiness beauty fads bring. Even more, when a trend brings happiness to a historically embarrassing political climate. But the art of beauty is exactly for happiness, by beating odds, right? So, for several days now, fashion girls have been beating the odds with bold blonde crowns, which they say is giving more pleasure, at this time, than their boyfriends, bosses and political leaders put together.

And if you think that an overstatement, this next claim isn’t:

Fashion girls who are rocking blonde hair have been caught stealing glances at every mirror, and smiling back at their reflections.

These are 9 looks to swipe-right to, on your next hair appointment.


Photo credits: Instagram/ @makeup_360: @bimpeonakoya : @layefabeauty : @bibyonce : @flawlessfacesbyjane : @cuppymusic


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