According To Fashion Girls, These Are The Five Date Dresses For Maximum Effect This August


Its been pouring angrily three days out of seven since August began. The remaining four days have been windy AF. Those plus a great mixture of hormones and a partner that stir happiness, and schedules are cleared to make time for romantic meet-ups.

Therefore, we spoke with five fashion girls on what they’re wearing to a romantic evening this August. These are their pick:

DivAbby’s Green Bandage:

Estelle, an investment banker, told us she feels charmed and floored by the stylish simplicity of Divabby’ green bandage dress. She thinks its indelicate feature is a good touch she can use on a date with her husband.

Photo credit: Instagram/@chicama

Ayaba Couture’s Princess Cut:

Our respondent; Dami, had a screen-shot of how she’s appearing at her next date with a guy she’s keeping her fingers crossed on. She told us no man has ever offered her his jacket on a cold night and she wants to see if this one will. Plus the dress is perfect for the princessy-innocent statement she wants to communicate to him.

She also told us she plans to copy the style to a T. That is, complete with a contrasting mini-bag, just like Derin’s top handle mini by Zashadu

Photo credit: Instagram/@zashadu

House Of Jahdara’s Formal Spice:

A photographer’s choice. Chosen for its architecture and sense of power. The photographer; Uju, told us it was a good deviation from her usual casual work uniform and a great welcome outfit for her husband whose job involves a lot of travelling.


Matopeda’s Wrapped Fortune:

“It is THE dress, don’t you get it?!”, Sylvia attacked us after making her choice and we insisted she justify it to us. She told us Matopeda’s wrapped dress is the model of a date outfit. That it is ideal for any date situation, whether the first date, the hundredth date, a chat over drinks, or a full course candle-lit dinner with a set of programs that run deep into the night.


Bloom By FabLaneByDerin’s Lush Twirl:

An oil and gas marketing executive told us she will be wearing this Fablane’s frilled two-piece to a first date with a guy she worked with, and suffered massive crush on, during her service year. She said he’s taking her to a fancy reservations-only restaurant and she wants to communicate a sense of accessibility without compromising sophistication.



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