How To Get Your Own (Darn!) Porsche!

...because, why not get your own posh car?

Photo by Sarmad Mughal on Pexels.com

Not that it should be so, but what celebrities do and endorse, directly or indirectly, trickle into the daily lives of others. So we have it that after the forty-five million Naira Porsche incidence of last year, where music artiste; Davido, publicly assured his Chef-girlfriend; Chioma, coupled with Ay’s show of love with Lexus LX 570 to his wife; Mabel, on their wedding anniversary, a lot more women are paying attention to what measurable value the men in their lives are placing on them. Which is a good thing. But a better effect is an appreciation for a girl’s ability to give herself everything she wants, including posh and exclusive cars. Not sitting in a dark corner, waiting for some guy (who, BTW, might be trying to figure out his own life) to buy her things she wants!

Here’s how to afford your own posh car:

1. Choose a great financially rewarding occupation.

God can do it but He will do it through something people are willing to pay for. So look around you. What are a lot of people willing to pay for? Or what are a few people willing to pay large sums for? In 2019 and beyond? Whether it be paid employment or entrepreneurship, put your mind to enumerating all financially viable roles or businesses, draw up a comparison between them, and choose the one that agrees most to your goals. Don’t be reined in by your innate abilities while doing this, because you can always

2. Study. Practice. And Improve.

There is nothing you cannot do and get good at doing, if you study it enough, practice what you learn, improve on your weak-points and repeat the cycle again. Even if you are lucky enough to have talents for your choice above, there will be competitions; you will have to distinguish yourself, produce better results and do better than others, in order to get yourself in high demand. And when you do

3. Don’t get complacent.

The world is constantly on the move. You haven’t arrived until you are dead. And there’s a competitor right on your heels. So, stay in the know. Constantly sharpen yourself. Keep yourself relevant in your organisation and industry. Outclass office or industry politics. Strategize yourself up the ranks. And when you get to a seat, sit securely on it, grow new roots, branch out:

4. Seek, and make yourself available for, (other) financially rewarding opportunities.

Almost no one ever has an opportunity handed to them, without them seeking for it, directly or indirectly/consciously or unconsciously. Opportunities fall on the laps of those who look, and/or make themselves available, for them. When you look, you will find, and when you find

5. Boldly ask for what you want.

The value of a service is not static or universally uniform. Therefore, for every opportunity you get, (learn how to) negotiate your value up: Place a value on your service. And ask clients or your employer for that financial value. Don’t be scared or manipulated into asking for less than you truly desire. The worst that will happen when you do, is a no. But even at that when you finally reach an agreement, what you will receive will be more than what you would have been given if you had started out asking for a lesser reward. Plus a higher reward often leads to more higher rewards, arming you with the right means of exchange for all the nice stuff you want.

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