DJ Cuppy Might Be On A Mission To Make Pink A Cool Hair Colour To Wear On The Regular

Yep! Change Is Change.

First off,  if pink hair is the secret to Cuppy’s happy spirit, then I’m on my way to being super-happy, round the clock, for as long as my official leave last!

Yes!  As part of a series of activities in preparation for my essential and highly anticipated holiday, I went scoring for the look that matches how I want to feel (that is, happy) and how I want to be treated (that is, fun-loving and special). And with no direct effort on her part, Ms. Cuppy sold me pink-hair, via her Instagram, over blondes, reds and good ol’ ravens. Now suitcases, glasses, flats and hats ready, and with an attitude of a Pink-head, I am headed to where the sun is smiling at this time, to catch up on sleep, parties and a healthy dose of reflection.

Go scroll through beauty-Instagram, you’d find pink hair as a perfect prop for fascination, acting as complements to the various makeup creations being put out on a daily for this glamorous life. But they mostly do not go past evoking thrill, to communicate practicality and inspire action.

DJ Cuppy, on the other hand, has been advocating for the hair colour in many ways, chief of which is how she has elevated it from a performance gear to an everyday fit-for-all-occasions hair look.

Through that elevation, Cuppy has been showing in a committed manner, the agreement between pink and melanin, thereby putting out a convincing statement on pink as a hair colour you can wear on a regular.

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