Is This Lilian Afegbai’ Most Daring Outfit Yet?

Excuse me. Is that a suit or a crop-top?

It is vacation season and girls are rewarding themselves with visits to beautiful destinations around the world, which makes my Instagram feed a run-down of where to go to while in Cyprus, Greece, Capri, Israel and Dubai.

Those seem to be the top five destinations documented in 2019 vacation diaries. Nobody knows when everyone decided to flock to those places. We just know why. But Lilian Afegbai and a few others, though not immune to influencer marketing, choose to stick with classic spots.

Therefore while in London, where she’s vacationing with her family, the entertainment and lingerie entrepreneur provided a ‘gram update, which show her pushing the envelope of fashion.

Lilian is seen at a pedestrian crossing on a sunny street, wearing a half jacket/half crop-top outfit, over a short-short. She complements the outfit with a straw hat, wooden bag and mono-strap heels. Her makeup is clean and her hair is bone straight under the hat.

Is this amalgamation of jacket, crop top and cut-out gear, Lilian’ most daring look yet?

Here Are More Pictures Of The Look:

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