Take This Class On Pose By Sofia Richie

'Cos, In The Age Of Instagram, We're All Models In Different Ways.

Instagram has become a necessary part of our lives. And that makes certain skills, like photography, editing, modelling and the general art of visual storytelling primary to our survival. Every intentional Instagrammer, aims to send the right messages to prospective employers, clients or romantic partners, with each photo or video posted. And you can have this by outsourcing other aspects of what is required, but you can’t outsource striking a pose, every time you need a thousand words to tell your story on your personal page.

On that note, take this practical class on striking a pose. As taught by model and daughter of ace musician; Lionel Richie.

The Classic Beach Pose: The appreciation for a sense of adventure is at an all-time high. Therefore, next time you’re at a beach, dare an impending wave with this leisurely savour of sand and water.

Sunny Day By The Poolside:

Self Care is the first step to productivity. Everyone knows that. So, the focus here, is you. Not the water. Or the pool setup and design.

Friday Night In….And Alone:

An independent girl, who also knows how to enjoy her own company will always be inspiring. For that reason, un-invite yourself, if you don’t feel up for it and have fun indoors, by yourself and for yourself.

Artsy Cool Vibe:

Since creativity differentiates, go compare with an art piece of a masterful hand. And beat it without meaning to.

Home And Busy:

Being grounded is associated to having a great head-matter. Take that and exhibit your day at home to sort through stuff and organize.

A Thriving Social Life Scene:

Isn’t your net-worth a representation of your network? …But don’t just go out the door. Stop and document your ability to work a group and the very time you made yourself available for opportunities outside the four walls of your house.

The Shot Before The Work-Out:

Good genes are great! And engaging in exercise is a healthy lifestyle. Let’s have you signaling to your strength in a cute work-out cloth and backdrop.

A Royal Portraiture:

To reign or not to reign? Either way, state your royalty through a self-portrait. And don’t entertain questions. It is at your terms, girl. At your terms.

A Superimposition of Femininity On Formal:

Credit: All photos are from Instagram/@sofiarichie

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