These Are The Six Beauty Looks To Escape Into This Weekend

Six perfect places...Count me in.

It is imperative to live the kind of life you want. To shove aside every inhibition and go for the things that will make your sun to produce all the spectra of colours it has the ability to. So, in the light of that, give yourself an indefinite leave from your current boy problems, or money problems, or whatever problem you may have sticking on your coat or under it, and, instead, do the things that are in the master plan of who you want to be.

We are sure that beauty is a part of that plan. Therefore, these looks are in line to make you feel great, to help you send the right messages about who you are, and to attract pluses and blessings into your life. They are the six beauty looks our editors have their eyes on for all the events they’re attending this weekend.

Tropical Echo

An upper eyelid transformed by a rich tone of red, lips that say a lot in low tones and few words, and a flat-ironed hair pulled back to reveal true form.

Wild Glory

Cheeks blushed in rose-golden highlights, lower lids accentuated with shock, glossed out tiger lip-paint applied for volume, and a fountain of curls spiraling to augment the less side.

Ultra Lace

Smokey eyes in calm, a breathe of highlight on bronzed skin, an overwhelmingly glossed lip, and a flat-ironed hair, left free to cup the face.

Magnetic Gaze

A menacing smokey eyes, a piercing contact lens, a matte nude lips, and a bone straight hair left on its own.

Life Blood

Drawn-out eyes which houses a smart contact, lips revived by a dip in a seasoned red wine, and straight hair, pulled back for precision.

Bold Entrance

Big hair, big curls, bold eyes and striking lips.

Photo credit: Instagram/jideofst.ola/topaltouch
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