These Ombre Nails Are Sparking Joy Right Now.

You Want Some...Happy?

You have your life sorted when you get your nails done. Yeah! I mean it! The last time you got your nails done, didn’t it feel like things in your life have fallen into their right places? So, yeah, if you felt like you have life, in some way, just the way you want it, after getting your nails done, and the people around you thought so too, after seeing your nicely done nails, and because of that confidence your nails sparked in you and those around you, toward you and your abilities, the right opportunities began to come your way, making the picture of your current life more like the picture you carry in your soul, then you did have a section of your life sorted. Right? (Right.)

At this moment, these ombre nails are having girls in a celebratory mood about their goals and future.


Vacation Dream

A fun blend of happy colours, supplemented by the ultimate symbol of rest.


Shimmer In Paradise

An artful check on the enthusiastic optimism of yellow and glitter, by nude.


Pastel Rock

A deep and unexpected friendship, embellished by fate.


Matte Goddess

A union of the shine of stones, dimmed by too much intensity.


Deep Echo

A gradual coming of age, with a show of the presence of shine at every stage.



An understated expression of freedom, interjected for distinct statement.


Bright Moon

An alternation of seasons and emotions, in the cycle of a friendship.

Photo credits: Instagram/ @justnails_official, @nailsandbeautylounge_brandon, @merlin_nails and @nailssbyalice

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