This Approach To Hair Might Be A Confrontation Against Minimalism.

Like, a head-to-head.

On a need-only basis, the beauty requirement of hair is care. And the full-length of that is a timely wash, an appropriate treatment and vanity-free style. If you take another step forward, you are welcome into a world of adventures, where hair professionals continually stretch the scope, in order to exhibit their creative imaginations, or pay tribute to nature.

One of such exhibition is the relatively new, and seething wave, of multi-embellishing the hair with more barrettes than can be justified, except for the glamour of it, and their sometimes literal, statements.

Beauty Jurors, have said that these tasteful stacking comes across, to them, as a direct challenge against the validity of minimalism, in view of the style’ theatrics and flamboyant display of its materialistic framework.

Their claim is yet to be ascertained, as true minimalists appear to be unaffected by the wave and are continuing with less, and more less. While beauty adventurers are just on their lanes, loud and all, but within the limit of social etiquette.

Whatever side of the divide you support, or you’re sitting pretty on the fence, file these designs under your belt, for posterity. You never know who your future self will be.

Photos: Instagram || @leletny || @mykitsch || @justinemarjan

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