Ini Edo Gave A Major Fashion Moment At Lagos Fashion Week Day One

There were glances. Lots and lots of it.

Mega fashion statements during Fashion week at any place, is a given. If not, then it was a failed trial. Thankfully, at the ongoing Lagos Fashion and Design Week, the core promises of a fashion week have been delivered in fashionable ways. Available photos have shown attendees exhibiting their fancies in bright lights and recruiting new believers in the process.

One of such attendees, is actress Ini Edo who may have successfully recruited new believers into the ultra-palazzo die-hards, while sitting at the front row on day one.

Thought and work definitely went into creating the movie-star’s look for the night, as can be seen in her side-swept waves and how every piece, which made up her look, worked in harmony with everything else.

That harmony resulted in many glances in the actress’ direction. In fact, lots and lots of it. And not a lot of it was caused by her star-status, compared to the portion who just wanted to have another look at her outfit and also figure out if it was just a full skirt or truly a wide-leg pant.

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