Where Were You When Joselyn Dumas Breathe New Life Into Headbands?

I Was Sleeping. You?

In case you are yet to whip out your headbands and crowns from the forgotten-but-to-be-visited-sometime-in-the-future boxes, at the corner of your closet, or headbands and crowns have never been a feature of your awesome life, this is your convincing argument that headbands and crowns are cool again. They’ve been for a while. And a few days ago, actress Joselyn Dumas successfully breathe cool new air into them.

While attending Glitz Africa Fashion Week in Ghana, the actress crowned herself with a sequinned croissant-like hairband, over her bob cut with bangs, and without words stressed the royalty of women everywhere, plus the need for every woman to embody that royalty, and do so on a regular basis, in order to keep it in the consciousness of nature.

As a result of receiving this memo, you may go ahead and wear your crown, everyday, for all to see. Or you may wear it only on days you want to send out a bulk reminder. Here are more inspiration for your crowned life.

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