At Lagos Fashion Week, 2019, The Freedom Of Self Translated To A Party Of Styles

...Lagos style.

Some Runway Looks At Lagos Fashion Week 2019/courtesy of the organizers

Outside the venue, where Lagos’ fashion link – to the global fashion business – converged, the pulse of the city continued to beat with its usual hurried unpredictability. Dwellers moved, most of them vaguely aware of the gathering that has the potential to alter the fashion culture of their city. Meanwhile at the hotel complex, where the runway shows and other exhibitions were set to take place, fashion entrepreneurs, media personalities, designers and the fashion conscious streamed in, eager to celebrate the art of clothing and, also, poised to stimulate freshness in the fashion atmosphere.

That last bit sparked interest, because is there more to be seen in this city where party is a lifestyle? And extravagant party is the lifestyle, which therefore translate to an already rich fashion culture, beaming with deluxe fabrics, made-to-love frills, appliques of splendor, brilliant colors, artsy prints, first-rate attitudes and creatives who thrive by seeking new things. So, haven’t all the re-imaginings, additions, subtractions and alternate styling, of the moment, already been displayed at a wedding hall even that morning?

In that, the Lagos Fashion Week, 2019, turned out successful through its model of uninhibited-ness. From its street style to runway shows, freedom of self; to be, to express and appreciate, was demonstrated as the true originator of appreciable art. Gender conventions gave in to true self. Open minds birthed glamour. Under the right light and theme songs, models strutted in creations that were more impactful than groundbreaking.

The common thread in all the shows was the peculiarity of self: how it is, how it wants to be seen and how it should be respected.

Some collections told complete stories: DZYN stressed on the strong girl in super-exotic clothes. YuteeRone focused on the beauty of fluidity and fragility. Rick Dusi told of the life of adventure, being a part of the upper class can afford. Orange culture demonstrated a new tribe of humans, who are just humans but rich in useful innovations. Bloke kept asking, “are you ready to go back to Eden?” These are all shows that were presented on the second day.

The third and fourth days were also as thrilling. And at the end of it all, the soul of Lagos’ fashion loving self was captured and articulated in its richest form, through the inclusion of all its part.

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