Femininity Walk Plan: These Are The 27 Strappy Heels To Build Your First Closet On.

..If You're Heading Up The Power Trail.

Congratulations, as you begin this journey of walking in your own shoes. And in the right ones. Being fresh with your own money and ready to express yourself with the right shoes, that send the right message and give out an idea of your upward and forward mobility in the business circuit, must feel great. It is a great idea, too, because much like your clothes, skin and hair, your shoes say a lot about who you are, where you are, mentally and where you are headed.

As a growing professional, your shoe is your first platform before anything else. You need them to stand tall and present your ideas assertively. You need them to attract and hold attention. You need them to command respect and express your values. So, if they are not comfortable and engaging, you may find yourself faltering a little bit, sometimes.

Below, are a strappy set to take you from day to night, business to parties and everywhere else. Start your shoe-closet on these 27.

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