These Are The Dresses For Your Twelve Christmas Parties Ahead

The Keyword is 'unforgettable'.

The adult in us may want to go to bed early, and the introvert in us may demand a good dose of solitude, but no one completely hate a good party. So I have been made to think by the behavior of my friends and colleagues who were somewhat barely available for any kind of social event during the year, but are, right now, very excited to party at the line up of events ahead of us this party season.

Their yeses to every party invite has made me wonder, a few times, what is responsible for that change in behavior, and I haven’t had time to ask them yet. But, like me, do you think they’re just responding to the air outside? Or they have just decided to give themselves permission to engage in activities that is not work and will not give them an income? Or, maybe, they did reach their personal targets this year and feel deserving of a reward?

I don’t know. Whatever is responsible, I am glad about it, because the more, the merrier. So, on a scale of 1 to 10, my eagerness for the weekend, when the partying is set to begin, is 15. And Instagram’s algorithm has made it even better with fitting dresses I did not have to go looking for.

These are 12 dresses for the 12 necessary parties we are attending this season.

  1. Office Party
The idea is to be effortless in an overwhelmingly glamorous way, through the use of the timelessness of black, fantasy of shine and the mystique of a full skirt.

Dress: Alex Perry
  1. Industry Awards Party
You should take every opportunity, to pitch, the universe offers you. This year’s industry awards night is one of such opportunities. So make an entrance. Be noticed. Do a good part of your pitching with your image and you won’t need many words to convince.

Dress: Dice Kayek
  1. Carol Night At St. John’ Church
Showing a little humanity or vulnerability by baring a shoulder can make a huge difference to staying whole. And the grace of a floor-sweeping dress can add flavor to that.

Dress: Alex Perry
  1. Romantic Partner’s Office Party
The image of a demure wife and a great home situation might help him get that promotion and improve your lifestyle. So, bangs and a virtuous dress? Yes, Please!

Dress: Carolina Herrera
  1. Your Family’s Christmas Gathering
Your mom and siblings may be aware that you don’t quite have your life sorted yet, but your extended family do not have to be fed that information. So go in with a well tailored dress, that has a good fit and an executive length. Then let a nice pump and bag to do the rest.

Dress: Alex Perry
  1. Your Romantic Partner’s Family’s Christmas Gathering
You are a masterpiece. And a dress that communicates that is the perfect one for this occasion.

Dress: Iconic In Vanity
  1. Icon’s Exclusive Christmas Party
It is an exclusive party, which makes it the place for that slit-to-there you have been waiting to sample. Also, your target is the overall crown and a powerful shoulder plus an active femininity might be the combination that helps you get it.

Dress: Alex Perry
  1. Christmas Fundraiser Event For The Under-served
Plant your seeds in an exquisite dress. After all, humanity is worth more than all our monies put together.

Dress: Tony Ward
  1. Girl’s Tribe Fire Night
There will be lots of wine and champagne. There will be reports and strategy sessions, too. But your main agenda shall be you; how you feel, how you want to feel and what you want to achieve at the event.

Dress: Alex Perry
  1. Top Management’s Gathering
There are not a lot of us here, but it is a woman in the pant suit. Duh!”

Set: Tony Ward
  1. Party Of Two
It isn’t your regular date night, so you are dressed ready for the magical romance that Christmas rouses.

Dress: Alex Perry
  1. New Year’s Eve Party
Let the clock strike twelve with you in a dress you actually like.

Dress: Meenah

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