This Side By Side Photos Of Bold And Soft Lips Looks Is Your Reminder That Makeup Is A Personal Marketing Tool.


Put a soft lip look and a bold lip look of a person, side by side. What do you see?

Superficially, for the photos above, which are credited to the beauty house; JideOfStOla, there are two equally beautiful versions of the person. The deep characters of the two versions require a little time of pondering. So, here’s another angle to the projection of her person. What do you see, if her facial expressions were not factors?

At this point, consciously or not, youth, innocence and an unassuming nature have been communicated to you by her soft lip look. And seasoned, fierce, and menacing have been communicated to you by her bold lip look. These characters may not be a part of her true personality, but a little makeup has communicated vibes to you, which will in turn elicit certain reactions from you, toward her, if you were meeting her in person.

A little makeup says a lot. You can use the subliminal messages capacity of makeup to engineer behavior and outcomes, for yourself, in any social setting. For example, at an event where your objective is to build a network, a soft lip look may position you as more approachable to a lot of people, and help you achieve your objective. Same for bold lips, if your objective is to screen that number down to a few bold people. Makeup is not just a beauty enhancer. Makeup is a personal marketing tool. And this is your reminder to use it to your advantage.

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