There’s A Surge In The Demand Of This Nail Design. And The Reason Is Somewhat Shocking.


We don’t show too much of it, but comfort, relief, pacifiers are intrinsic needs of every human…and pets. And in a health pandemic stricken world, like the kind that ours has been for the past few months, this need is even further intensified, as a result of the sudden changes in lifestyle we’ve had to adopt. Humanity is grappling with an extra need for gentle reassuring gestures, because this period of isolation has forced a lot of people to sit with themselves, to sort through every aspect of their beings, in order to give attention to what really matter to them. That act of confronting what could have been evaded by extra hours at work, parties and church activities has caused people’s need for comfort to skyrocket.

To meet that need, people are turning to different things, like baking, entertainment, friendships, etc. Several have turned to art; paintings, and are easing their tension by finding the meanings behind different artworks. This is the group responsible for the surge in the demand of marble nail design.

To them, the marble nail is comfort on your finger tips. Its magnetism, they said, is its unpredictability and how the different intensity of its rage and calm combine to produce a beautiful chaos.

That ability of the marble to be both a perfect picture of turmoil and a perfect picture of beauty, has become a supply of hope, that the current state of our world is only just a point in a beautiful picture. So then, this point, when combined with past points and future ones will show how beautiful our lives really was. And that, my friend, is comforting.

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