Closed-toe Flats, Have Been The Star Footwear Of Many Zoom Meetings. Here’s 12 To Choose From.


As the world continues to work from home due to the Corona Virus pandemic, bare feet will love to be recognized as the preferred mode people are attending their zoom meetings. Fluffy slides will strongly contend against it, though. As will flip flops. But a consensus drawn from different quarters give the plaque to closed-toes flats, primarily because of their proximity to formal wear; an edge they have over the other top choices.

Another reason flats with closed-toes are being celebrated, as the star footwear of zoom meetings, is their multifunctionality and ability to upgrade, modestly. Wear a closed-toe flat with any outfit combination, and it stirs up an air of unity that pull every component in one direction, to or away from the centre.

With it, a T-shirt and jeans combination take up another tone of seriousness. So does a top and skirt pair. Suits and blazers with their bottoms sit beautifully on closed-toe flats, to communicate stylish comfort.

Below are 12 you should add to your closet.

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