Enter Chic Ama’s Class On The Impeccable Art Of Denim.


Our fashion life has been hit, so bad, by the ongoing Corona virus pandemic, but to fight the doldrums, we’re injecting style into our days, through different unexpected means, like dressing up for dinner at home, attending Zoom meetings in actual beautiful work clothes and slipping into a great outfit for any shopping trip. A few of us have begun to dress up to work from home, behind an actual desk made for the purpose, because reveling in sweats and shorts had its time, but there’s no pleasure to be found in living in lounge wear while sophisticated clothing is wasting away in closets.

To adapt, most excellently, as social life stays suspended, a systematic way of maneuvering the border between casual and formal is needed, in order to satisfy both the need to be fanciful and the basal need to just be covered up.

Denim proves itself so well in that regard. So, we bring you 12 ways a fashion influencer; Chic Ama, has styled hers. You may add your personal touch, as you will, to satisfy your fashion needs, this isolation period.

1. Top it off with flamboyance.

2. Navigate times.

3. Complement with tones.

4. Leg it to the moon.

5. Embrace shirtings.

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