Chioma Ikokwu Practiced Yoga And Got Several Girls Getting Back On The Practice.

It takes just one person to drive a wave of change in any given population. Chioma Ikokwu has done just that with a playful Instagram video she may have created just for fun, judging

In the less than two-minutes video, the entrepreneur practised some Yoga poses and accompanied them with text highlights of their benefits. Many scrolled passed unaffected, but several others, including this writer, found themselves inspired to get back on the practice, or take it up as a new adventure, because of its, seemingly, obvious results in the subject.

Yoga evangelists promise many benefits and Ms. Ikokwu’s video came across as a testimonial, as well as a reveal of a fragment of her secrets to a higher quality of life. It also came across as a challenge; something to try out and master. And now, executing a headstand is one of the short-term goals of the girls who have been inspired to get (back) on the yoga train.


Video: Instagram/@chiomagoodhair
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