We Guarantee You, These Yellow Nail Art Have Made A Lot Of People Happy.

So many times, in the past few days, it has felt like there is no happiness in the world. Sadness, ugliness and hatred paraded themselves boldly, everywhere we looked, reducing the vigour of happiness. But happiness, like every valuable thing, can be found when sought. And enjoyed, when identified. So it is beneficial to pay attention to the exact processes it takes to produce your happiness. That means taking note of the different objects, actions and environments that stir the feeling in you, so you can create and recreate the feeling at will.

In the same manner, many people consciously sought out ways to create the feeling for themselves, in the throes of the recent darkness. And that led a portion of that population to yellow; the colour of happiness. Then a portion, out of that portion, to yellow nail work.

These five made a lot of us here at Dame Lisa happy. We bet we are not the only ones.

Nail artists/photos: Instagram/@ayanexbeauty || @nailditbyalyssa || @buffcsjen || @polishedbylearnahstarbuck

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