Aquazzura Gives A Tease Of Eden With Her Papillon And Fragolina Sandals.

A trip to perfect places transports to a tranquil state. Aquazzura breaks all bounds, through its Papillon and Fragolina sandals, and present an all access pass to Eden, where peace and harmony control the affairs of nature.

With designs that kindle ethereal grace, the Pappilon and Fragolina gives the sight of a walk through a landscaped garden, rich in diverse and bright flowers, watered by trickles of water from a fresh stream, and given a voice by the sounds of birds.

Both are party shoes that feature slim straps that wrap around the ankle.

But the Pappilon features lifelike butterflies ornamented at the toe and sides.

While the Fragolina has an open heel and delightful strawberry details.

Experience a taste of Eden below.

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