Teal Eyes And Green Lips? This Unlikely Combination Of Colours May Become Your New Favourite Look.

In beauty, a deviation from the norm is mostly approached with care and a bit of anxiety, especially after an adult lifetime of having preference for mostly proven-to-be-pleasing looks. Still and all, the spirit of modernity require an openness to adventurism. So, once in a while, you take a flight to an unfamiliar terrain and try out new possibilities, like this combination of seaweed lips and shimmering teal eyes, by the beauty house, Demi Williams.

The look was a recent update on the house’ input to the advancement of the world of beauty. And comes right on time for the impending season of celebration that will follow the end of the Corona virus pandemic.

You may employ it as your new distinguishing element at your next party, or incorporate it into your normal beauty preferences. Either way, we counsel that you stay you, and do so happily.

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