Found! The Perfect Business-Casual Outfit For Your Work-Party Ahead.

It will happen soon. The world will be open, again. Gradually, we are seeing it happen. The curve is getting flat. The fear is no longer intense. We can almost see the light, in full flourish, a little more than a month away. So, what are we going to do when we are counted among the survivors of one of the worst misfortunes that took place on earth?

I propose we mourn the dead, as respectfully and intensely as we need to, then move forward and look forward, with hope, celebrating with vehemence the opportunity we’ve been given to keep experiencing the beauty of colours, the flavour of sweet emotions, and the taste of good food.

In that manner, we’ve found the perfect business-casual outfit for your celebratory days ahead. It is perfect for a happy day at work. And is also a fitting switch for an evening meet-up.

This outfit is a product of Russian fashion house; LN-Fashion, which is jointly owned by Larisa Safutdinova and Natalya Nikiforova. It comes as a three piece, in a variant of seven colours. And has two styles of pant.

Prepare to live, Darling. We’re making it out of here.

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