These Are The Three Ways You Can Do Your Smokey Eyes For That Social Charm.

While adhering to the safety directives instituted by medical authorities to help combat COVID-19 pandemic, there is no break, taken or given, from beauty. Beauty practices continue to prove themselves as a part of the essential needs of the living, especially, through everyone’s expressed desire to appear beautiful to themselves, first.

That desire, to look appealing to one’s own self first, is the reason self-isolation and social distancing haven’t had much impact on people’s overall engagement in beauty practices.

Social media and online meeting platforms further strengthen that engagement rate, by presenting opportunities for people to keep making non-verbal statements about themselves and to just show off their beautiful selves.

So take note of the three ways you can do your smokey eyes for that social charm.

1. Border It With A Muffled Pop Of Colour

Beauty brand, Uber Glow by Gloria Lawani, shows this, artfully, in their use of red to form a gradient round their base colour.

2. Embellish It With Shimmer.

We have an example in this recreation of a night sky by professional make-up artist; Peace Ibadin.

3. Keep It Classic.

As shown by Topal Touch, below, with or without an embellishment, a smokey eye is hot.

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