One Style, Six Options: This Jumpsuit Has Six Variants And You May Have A Hard Time Making A Choice.

Colour is big in fashion and beauty. It can be the tie-breaker. or the definitive element between what is hot and what is not. A simple colour difference can take an outfit from the back-row to the winning rack, determine its appropriateness for an event, and regulate its ability to flatter its wearer.

During one of our fashion adventures, we found six variants of a bare-back, halter top jumpsuit by Lilly’s Kloset and judged the design as a city girl’s must-have, owing to its easy sassiness, multi-functionality and adaptability.

Offered in plain white, its vibe is angelic and enchanting, with a discreet pull to the outdoors where freedom is celebrated in a fresh atmosphere bursting with colours.

In orange, it is fun and sweet, telling pleasant stories of girlhood and camaraderie, alongside identifying as an undisputed member of high-society.

In red, it is undeniably noteworthy, but in an everyday sense. Therefore, it is more appreciative of accessories, which can mold it into what an occasion needs. Almost in the same way as its teal version, which is familiar, yet beautiful, like the girl next door, who is hot and flawed, therefore acknowledged, but not idolized.

Its safari version tend toward an ostentatious display of gut, dare and animated polish, as a result of its print which oozes leisure, refreshment and contentment.

And since yellow almost always deliver a load of brightness, the version is effortlessly dignified and representative of clean conviviality.

Which of them are you taking home?

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