The Glamour, Of These Nails, Is Painted In Black And White.

Your nails, they are not as easily visible to others as, say, anything on your face, including your ears, but they continue to serve as elements of self-identity. As a result, chapped and dirty, and you are defined as a slummock, manicured to any degree, and you are described as relatively polished. Therefore, nail artists are busy and living, by sustaining the excitement of nail art, through incredible creativity.

In that pool is a Los Angeles based artist; Na Ho, who uses black and white nail paint to create designs which are artfully evocative, well-supplied with activity and solid. Her designs reveal music, architecture and Asian culture as the major inspiration behind her work. For that reason, waves flow in uniformity as they want, shapes stay firm and scribbles communicate significance.

Below, the glamour of black and white by Na Ho.

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