Augmented Eyes Are Any Girl’s Best Friend. We Have Proof.

Starting from Ella who has managed to retain her queen status from high-school till today, and is documenting her life on Instagram; to the other Ella who was unseen, unheard and unknown, but is now pulling in likes from big names just for fun, everyone you know, who is happy, excelling, influencing and raking in numbers on social media has received some sort of help from the act of augmenting the eyes.

Remember, you know the power of the human eyes; how it cajoles and prods; how it turns bones to jelly; and how it endues exquisite wings. So, a little definition, intensification and alteration in the eye area will go a long way in magnifying the intended content of the subject’s eyes, even when they are un-looking, thereby transmitting, out, a concentrated amount of influence.

Take four close samples from a professional makeup artist; with the Instagram handle @abigold_beauty, and it becomes clear how the colour of lens, tuft and definition pigment bolster looks, giving depth to personas, in the process.

In Sample 1.

Purple shadows, and glitter in the same shade, work with blackest-black pigment and super tuft to spell haut monde.

In Sample 2.

Old mauve and unaffected tuft, along with boosted lower lash and grey lens, cooperate to create nonpareil perfection.

In Sample 3.

Two shades of gold and golden lens displace old mauve and grey to switch to daunting refinement.

And in Sample 4.

Shimmering pink takes the full floor, and is lighted up to full speed by grey lens. The resultant effect of that is momentous drama. The kind girls should love.

However, these samples might be a little too much for you. In that case, come take up your other options: filters and soft definitions! Ultimately, Queen, augmented eyes are your best friend. Take up the offer.

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