Ini Edo Wore A Combat Two-Piece A Few Days Ago. This Version Of The Outfit Might Worsen Girl’s FOMO.

Ini Edo is great at showing up and directing the spotlight to herself. Not selfishly or only by a stroke of luck, but she walks into a room and, boom, attention is strolling and waltzing and rotating to her, to linger.

At a fellow actor’s birthday, a few days back, she showed up, as pictures portray, dressed with the unpretentiousness of a confident woman: in a green two-piece combat-style, paired with two-tone shoes, short golden hair and bronzed-out glow; a look that won the room.

But as criticism is one of the manifestations of FOMO, attempts were made, but they failed to launch, because style stars do not wear wrong shoes. They just don’t! Now here is another version of that two-piece, no one could hate.

Photo credit: Instagram/zohi_taglit

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