Temi Otedola’s Debut Performance In “Citation”, Points To A Stellar Journey, ahead.

The camera panned to reveal her seated in a library, writing. When she looked up, there was worry on her face. It was unmistakable. Then, a short moment after that, the same emotion, this time a more intense one, flowed out and spread across every bit of her. They were all coming from within; the worry, later, the cheer, the anger and every other emotion and action she performed in Kunle Afolayan’s Netflix original, ‘Citation’.

The movie is her formal introduction as an actress. It is an introduction no one outside her close circuit may have seen coming. Hardly, could anyone see the likelihood of her diverging into the path, in order to predict.

Mostly, Temi Otedola was perceived as a young girl with access to a lot of money, who was surrounded by individuals of high net-worth, and had an acute appreciation for fashion. Even that appreciation for fashion was only acknowledged, not duly appreciated, because the dominant perception of her was “a rich girl playing dress up.” There was nothing spectacular about that. Playing dress up and acting refined and important is what rich girls do. Therefore, a forewarning of her acting debut, issued by the movie’s trailer, was a conversation starter in many quarters.

“Hey, have you heard?” Everyone seemed to say. “Temi Otedola has taken up acting!” Their derision and doubt weren’t voiced, but they were indicated. They were thick in their vibes and tones.

The questions were: “Does she have the talent? Is this just another sweep by the privileged?”

Social media consensus leaned toward the belief that her new opportunity was more privilege, than talent. But, when the camera panned, Temi showed worry and other emotions the story required, from the beginning to the end.

Her speaking scenes were great, too, barring her ability to speak Yoruba. But that is forgivable, because the science of speaking different languages is a little complex.

Kunle Afolayan, the producer of the movie, has highlighted her improvement in the language, while talking to Channels Television about her hard-work and preparation for the role, along with what she already possessed before the role was given to her.

From what he said and what we found, Temi Otedola had been preparing for this. Her YouTube channel bears the evidences. We all may have failed to see a movie star morphing in front of us. Nevertheless, she was becoming, consciously and unconsciously. Now it has become clear what she was dressing up for: the red carpets.

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