We May Have Found Your Wedding Dress.

What do brides really want on their wedding day? I think every answer converge to this: a delightful romantic story that is uniquely theirs. That means, from head to toes, an ensemble that portray who they are or who they want to be; a location that is nourishing to love; and a crowd consisting of indirect players of the love story.

Out of everything indicated above, the wedding dress sits at the top of the list of what must be perfect. Therefore, the feelings of the bride must be put into words then translated into a dress.

In Steven Khalil’s most recent bridal collection, our top pick is a fashion description of uncomplicated grandeur. The Australian designer, used an intricately woven fabric and other elements to construct a painless garment which effervesces splendidness.

If uncomplicated grandeur describes who you are or who you want to be on your wedding day, this might make the perfect costume for your love story. Send an invite across, will you?

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