Where Are You Wearing Your Balmains To, In A Pandemic?

Though things are looking up with the formulation of promising vaccines, corona virus still rages and lockdowns stay considered. Social distancing is mostly mandated or encouraged, but we have our Balmains to wear.

The love we feel for ourselves and others, make us want to keep ourselves and others safe, but we have our Balmains to wear. That love is very strong, as much as our longing to wear our picks from the new Balmain Collection.

Hence, this is what we have done: we’re wearing our Balmains in a way that is safe for ourselves and others. These are where we’re wearing our Balmains to, in a pandemic:

1. An Unavoidable In-Person Business Meeting:

The five above is how we are strutting in to that conference room to bag that cheque. While we’re doing that, we won’t be shaking hands or hugging, and will be staying at least 6feet away from everyone present.

2. A Time-Bound Intimate Celebratory Event:

Not letting the darkness win by creating and acknowledging happy events is one way we’re pushing back. These five (above) are how we’re showing up, after a negative test result.

3. A Quick Outdoor Dinning.

Yeah, its safer to stay at home, but isolating for a long period of time is bad for one’s mental health. Hand-sanitizing and temperature checks may offer a little help. Please forgive us, above is how we’re dinning-out.

And if it is not too much, may you suggest, where more we can wear these (below) new Balmains to, in a pandemic?

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