Williams Uchemba’s And Brunella Oscar’s Vows To One Another Have Been Replaying On My Mind.

One week after the church wedding of Williams Uchemba and Brunella Oscar, I am still thinking about their vows to one another.

The words have been ringing, over and over again in my ears, after I watched the video a good many times, as posted on Instagram by AY; the comedian.

“Find these words…he said to you today.” Begins the Officiator. “Save it, till death” He continues to Brunella. “…You don’t need to argue. If things get tough, go and bring the contract. …Say, ‘look at what you promised me.'”

She laughs. And he continues to Williams.

“Look into her eyes and say these. I, Uchemba…” Williams begin to respond as told and the camera pans to reveal his face on a screen. “…according to the word of God, do leave my father and mother to join myself to you in holy matrimony. I will be a husband to you. I will love you. I will take care of you. I will provide for you. I will protect you. Just as Christ does for the church and for the rest of our lives, you and I will be one. Amen.”

The audience claps and the tape in my head jumps to,

“Chinelo, do you take Uchemba Williams to be your lawfully wedded husband, knowing very well that you’re going to submit yourself to him as the church submits to Christ, showing respect, reverence, and deference to him, as the head of this union?”

“Yes, I do.” She agrees.

“You see, even when you are equals,” the officiator continues, “…somebody is the head and the other is the VP. But you’re both in leadership. It is king and queen. So, your vow is not to create two kings. It is to give the king, his queen. You know what is involved and you still say yes?”

“Yes, I do.” Brunella agrees again.

“Okay. Now look into his eyes and say these, ‘I, Chinelo Oscar…” She begins to repeat after him, “I Brunella Chinelo Oscar, according to the word of God, submit myself to you, to be your lawfully wedded wife. From this moment, I will respect you. I will submit to your authority. I will be your counsellor. I will be your help-meet. I will be your comforter. I will stand by you, always. And through-out this life, you and I will be one. Amen.” The tape ends. Then replays.

Watch the video:

Video Credit: instagram/@aycomedian

I am thinking about this over and over again because I may want their kind of contract, but do I have the ability to fulfil the woman’s end of the deal? Do I want to relinquish that amount of power to another person? Are there conditions governing each item of the contract? Also, how will him providing for me affect my economic opportunities? My feminist nerves are disturbed by a worthy aspiration. Send help.

See some pictorials of their love story:

Photos: Instagram/@williamsuchemba

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