There Are Five Events This Weekend. See Our Five Style Options.

Corona virus is still out there. Don’t forget that and let down your guard. We are still keeping safe, by taking the recommended medical precautions and staying home as much as possible. But, let us out for a moment, will you? There are five pocket gatherings we want to go to this weekend. For each event, we will be echoing some looks, barring their accompanying footwear, off Isabel Marant’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection.

Follow along, let’s show you the fun and young way we are doing fashion this weekend.

1. For An Art Exhibition we have been invited to, we are hanging between pulling any of these dungaree-based look, or one of these delicate top and bottom sets. Our vote is split in equal halves, but both looks will certainly make an appearance, in different bodies, at the exhibition.

2. For A Kiddies Party, thrown in honour of one of our kids, we are looking at showing lots of legs in short-shorts. However, we will be observing a fashion rule by keeping our tops covered and bossy.

3. For An Album Listening Party we are going to, we have chosen these super-girlish looks to communicate self-assertiveness and our inclination to party hard.

4. For A Book Launch we are attending, a pant look is our base idea. And all of the looks, below, work for everyone of us. That means, we will be late for the event, because we have to wear everything, first, then make a choice, eventually.

5. For A Just-Because Dinner an industry stalwart is holding, we are doing high-priority in a young way, with two pieces that say where we are heading.

Remember, we are switching the boots and flats for high-heeled sandals. Wish us a great time, will you?

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