Thinking About Bleaching Your Skin? Do These Consistently, And You May Not Want To, Again.

In Beverly Naya’s ‘Skin’, now on Netflix, we are taken on a journey that seek to unravel the science behind why most black women struggle with loving their skin colour, and why those who choose to love theirs are fighting off daily pressures to let go of that love.

The documentary rolls on a foundation of “whys”: why don’t I fully accept and love my black skin? Why don’t others, too? Why is black skin, generally, coming across as a disadvantage to me? Why can’t I be all I want to be; getting all I should get, without my black skin being made my disqualifying factor?

For more than an hour, the same answer, to these questions, pop up in different forms. Each respondent takes us to a socialization that has affected how we see and respond to black, and how that affect perception of self.

They pointed to how a narrative that is rooted in ostracism is affecting our perception of self, our perception of others and how we treat one another as a result of both perceptions.

Every contribution, when boiled down, produced a lack of self-appreciation, fed by a lack of self-awareness.

So, will you indulge me for a few days, now that bleaching your skin has more than crossed your mind? May you do these every day, consistently, for at least a week, before you make a final decision?

1. Look Inward And Affirm Your Core.

Sit with yourself. Get to know your substance, and appreciate who you discover yourself to be, totally; with nothing excluded, by affirming every bit of you: your heart, your soul, your spirit, your body, your path. Look and see the gloriousness of your person and the beauty of your glistening skin, and remind your consciousness of the facts. Then say it to yourself often, until your eyes agree, because your eyes can only see who you say you are.

2. Give Yourself Good Sleep.

As much as you should, daily. Sleep nourishes the skin and causes it to glow. Take sleeping more seriously. You may want to read more on how sleep affect the skin, at this link.

3. Drink Your Water.

A thirsty skin, isn’t a happy one. But a happy skin is a beautiful one. For that reason, commit to hydrating your skin, generously, in order to take it to its healthiest form.

4. Cleanse.

Dirt does the same thing on all surfaces; it tarnishes and conceal value. Therefore, consciously rid your skin of every trace of dirt, daily.

5. Get Yourself A Great Moisturizing Body Cream.

I did this and it changed my life! A great moisturizing cream, applied generously and consistently, on a black body, is incredible. It will take your glow over the roof.

Will you let me know where you are on this, after seven days? I’m waiting to hear from you.

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