Five Short Hair Photos, If You’re Thinking Of Starting Over.

Its been a year and some. As I type this, my heart is shattering into dust and I am becoming one with pain. But hope is in the lifestyle kit of every survivor and I’m gripping to mine with the fight of a roused beast.

I plan to build again, come 2021. I have to. But on a new ground, because it is easier to start afresh than to deal with the trauma wreckages exude. So, if like me, you’re thinking of starting over again, by taking layers off of you, to reveal your cheekbones and your grit, be pushed to leap by the five short hair below.

Express your dare with a slit and a colour that announces itself.

Display your radiance by sculpting away every interference in its path.

Exhibit your timelessness by staying you in a way that is new.

Show your pristine polish in a growth that is thriving and resilient.

Unveil a you, that blows the roof, off all the boxes, you’ve ever been placed in.

Photos: instagram/@flawlessfacesbyjane

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  1. Beautiful 😘


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