Update Your Make-up Collection With Some Of The Beauty Essentials Of 2021

2021 is picking up its own rhythm, and as much as it is feeling like an extension of 2020, its individuality is attested by many end of year events that wrapped up the old year and counted down to the first second of the new year.

Today is officially its 13th day, and living and winning has started in earnest. There is no time to hold back from being the best you and showing that, unapologetically, because 2020 taught us who we are and what are important to us. So, get right into being your best self and update your make-up arsenal with these beauty essentials, from some of our trusted brands, as it is going to be the year you shine like you have never, before.


Revlon’s Colorstay for a picture perfect complexion all-day.
Zaron Cosmetics’ 2-in-1 concealer and highlighter for a flawless intriguing finish.
Pixi Beauty’s Detoxifeye eye patches for de-puffing your under-eye.
Urban Decay’s all-nighter face primer for a longwear foundation grip and a perfect finish.
House of Tara’s makeup remover to help your skin breath.
Zaron Cosmetics’ pore minimizer for a super smooth skin before makeup application.
Narsissist’s soft matte concealer for plumping the skin and reducing the appearances of wrinkles.
Mac’s pressed powder foundation for an ultra matte coverage.
Cover Girl’s Clean Fresh pressed powder for shine control and a natural looking finish.
Beauty Bakerie’ flour setting powder for a perfect matte finish.


Elf Cosmetics’ Liquid liner for an ultra fine line, yet an adequately clear definition.
Yanga Beauty’s Browlific tinted base for a controlled brow with a candid hue.
Nuban Beauty’s Beta brow pencil for easy brow goodness.
Zikel Cosmetics’ 3 tones contact lenses for eyes that sparkle.
Maybelline’s nudes of New York for mutedly elevated eyes.
Pat Mcgrath’s Celestial garden eye shadow palette for animated eyes.
Maybelline’s Sky High mascara for long and full lashes.


Fenty’s Gloss Bomb variants for juicy and creamy lips.
Revlon’s ultra HD vinyl lip polish variants for sensational pouts.

Highlight and Contour

Iconic London’s Sheer blush.
Iconic London’s cream illuminator.
Huda Beauty’s all-over highlighting powder.
Rimmel London’s bronzer.
Rimmel London’s Maxi Blush.


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