Johnny Drille’s ‘Bad Dancer’ Is Full Of The Lies Of Lying Men.

Don’t fall for it. The tale. The ambience. The emotions Johnny’s new music; ‘Bad Dancer’ will stir in you. Please, don’t fall for it. Avoid the impending tears by all cost. Johnny might be a romantic, but there is only one Johnny. The man who is about to pick this up and aim at you, may be villainous. Or he may not be villainous. He may actually be a man of good repute. Or not! -Don’t blame me. I just got out from a women’s conference.- Whatever the man is, “Bad Dancer” is a potent weapon that can make a girl love, without meaning to, and do things she resolved not to do, before marriage.

As always, Johnny’s new release is a carefully crafted art, cooked and mastered with the right words, and the right melody, at the right tempo, to stir up feelings of love in you. It is a perfect mood-setter, full of ancient lies of demonic men.

“What a beautiful day, whenever I see your face”, they usually say, just to sneak in, “May I hold you in my arms.”

The song is a tale of a man, in the sway of carnal excitement, who has written the script of your evening, and is looking forward to chuckling to himself all day at the office, the next day.

So, don’t fall for it.

“I’ve been a better man, since I got you in my life.” “Love me now.”

Don’t fall for it. It may make you cry. But the song is art. A beautiful art, worth owning.


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