Nail Art For When You Want Everything.

Some days you know exactly what you want. You can point straight to it and say, “that one!” But some days, you just don’t know. Your taste buds are on a frenzy and you want this, and that, and that one, too.

Which should be my pick for today? You keep musing over and over again, to the irritation of your nail technician, who has a long list of waiting clients.

“They’re all so lovely, I want everything!” You keep thinking. “Should I choose the excitement of red, or the excitement of yellow? Also, I’m feeling like blue, but purple matches my skin and eyes, so good!” You sigh.

Here is what you may want to do: don’t choose one color, on days like that. You won’t be satisfied. Instead, go for all of them. Satisfy every aspect of you with a little bit of what each wants.

Be inspired by these photos we found.

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