What Do You Wear In A Post-Pandemic World? David Koma Attempts To Answer.

It is beginning to dawn on most people that the past several months of pandemic has been a time of war between humanity, as a collective whole, and a largely invisible monster, in the form of a micro-organism.

At this point of realization, the war is beginning to wrap up, with the invention of vaccines pointing to the adamantine strength of humanity. The time for victory cheer is almost within reach. And those of us who have survived this thing are happy (to be here) and sad (our loved ones aren’t).

So, what do you wear in a post-pandemic world, with fresh mementos of pain and victory engraved all around? David Koma tries to solve that with an autumn/winter 2021 collection that was inspired by the wonder and possibilities of space travel and exploration. His output is a luxurious tech-action wardrobe, indicative of our true situation, when joggers and yoga pants were what we mostly wore.

That seems to say that we were in a ship, of space, fighting dangerous threats through scientific means and as the doors of our abodes are about to be flung open for free exits and entry, David Koma thinks our outfits this fall should tell how we fought and won.

Watch the show, below.

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